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Adaptec 2930 SCSI PCI Card

Given the incredible sizes of image files today, you need a high-speed interface. SCSI delivers industry standard connectivity that is widely supported by PC, Mac, and Unix. The Adaptec 2930 is capable of data rates up to 20 MB per second, and fits in any PCI expansion slot. Best of all, the 2930 is compatible with the new Windows XP operating system.

  • 20 MB/s Data Transfer Rates
  • (1) Standard 50 Pin Male Internal Connector
  • (1) Standard 50 Pin High Density SCSI-2 External Connector
  • Compatible with Windows XP/ME/2000/95/98/3.1, and DOS
  • BIOS on Card
  • Ultra SCSI Connectivity
  • 32-bit PCI
  • Linux Compatible (Check Your Distribution for Drivers)
  • Available for the Mac (PowerDomain)

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