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Kodak Professional DCS 560

The Kodak DCS 520 delivers three things that digital imaging professionals need: High ISO, 6 MB files, and rapid burst rates. Capable of ISO ranges from 200 to 1600, and delivering up to 3.5 images per second (burst rate), the DCS 520 lets you capture the action in high detail and brilliant color. You can capture up to 12 continuous images before writing out the buffer. The built in color LCD allows you to review your shots, and the built in microphone allows you to record audio for each shot. Built on the familiar Canon EOS subsystem, the 520 will work with the Canon EOS lenses you already have.

  • 6 MegaPixel CCD Imager
  • ISO range of 80 - 200 adjustable in 1/3 stop increments
  • Burst Rate: 1 f/s up to 3 frames before write
  • Built in color LCD display
  • IEE 1394 Interface (cable not included)
  • Windows 95/NT and Mac OS 7.6.1+ compatible
  • TTL Flash Metering
  • Full Frame Viewfinder
  • PCMCIA Card Storage (PC Cards Not Included)
  • Compatible with Canon Lenses and Accessories

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