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Kodak Professional DCS 760

Based on the Nikon F-5 camera, the DCS 760 gives you incredible speed and impressive range for all of your shooting applications. With an ISO range from 80 to 400, you can get burst rates up to 24 frames at 1.5 f/s before having to write out to the card. This camera is so powerful and well built that NASA has selected it to fly on the International Space Station. The high resolution 6 megapixel CCD imager is a proven performer capable of capturing images that are big, clean, and true, and allowing this camera to deliver true 18 MB files. The 760 also allows you to preview your images on the bright color LCD display on the camera back. The 760's GUI based interface makes it easy to navigate the user settings on this camera, and the built in spot densitometer and histogram make it easier to achieve optimum shots.

  • 12 bit Dynamic Range
  • Burst Rate: 24f @ 1.5 f/s
  • Dual Type II/III PC Card Slots
  • SLR Functionality
  • ISO Range 80-400
  • 6 Mega Pixel CCD
  • 18 MB File Size
  • Win98/2000/ME or MacOS 9
  • Metal Frame Nikon F-5 Body

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