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Management Graphics Sapphire Pro

The Sapphire Pro Image recorder from Management Graphics offers speed and ease of use to increase your workflow. All essential functions are controlled via the backlit 32 character LCD display. Color coded buttons make navigation through menus easy and accurate. All loading functions are conveniently handled up front. Whether using the bulk film magazines, or single 35 mm rolls, the Sapphire pro offers easy film loading, a self threading takeup magazine, and power cassette rewind.This film recorder is fast! A great unit for service bureaus!

  • SCSI and GPIB Connections
  • 36 Bit RGB Color Depth
  • Removeable 100 foot Bulk Load magazines
  • 36 Exposure Cassette Load Capable
  • Self Threading Takeup Magazine
  • 35 mm slides @ 4k imaged in 35 seconds (100/hr), or 50 seconds at 8K
  • Backlit 2 line 16 character LCD Display
  • Color Coded Push Button Menu System
  • User Selectable Strip Length from 1 to 99 frames
  • User Selectable Leader from 0 to 9 frames.
  • Selectable 2/4/6/8K resolution
  • Sprocket Imprinting Capability
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