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Kodak Professional Digital Science 8670ps

The 8670 PS from Kodak represents a leap in printing speed and quality over it's predecessors. With build in Post Script Level 3 processing including 136 new embedded fonts, the 8670 processes prints 4 times faster than it's predecessor. But you don't sacrifice quality for speed: The 8670 PS is able to output at 300 dpi continuous tone. Users will appreciate the innovative ColorFlow ICC Color Connector application that drives this printer, and it's ability to deliver true to life realistic images.

  • SCSI & Parallel connectivity
  • Optional 10/100 NIC (Not Included) with built in support for TCP/IP, Ethertalk, NetBEUI, and DLC/LLC Protocols
  • 300 dpi
  • Built in Post Script III support (Adobe)
  • 48 MB RAM expandable to 384 MB
  • 133 MHz 4640 MIPS RISC Processor
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