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Fuji Pictrography 3500 Silver Halide Printer

The Fuji Pictrography 3500 delivers high quality photographic quality prints quickly. This unit is perfect for photo professionals and those who demand high quality digital imaging output. With continuous tone output at up to 400 dpi resolution, the Pictrography 3500 delivers images which are sharper and more defined that most other printing methods without the need for chemicals or toners. Achieve full page high quality prints in about 2 minutes for the first print, and about 70 seconds for each additional identical copy. The 3500 comes standard with 48 MB of RAM.

  • 400 / 320 / 267 Selectable dpi
  • SCSI-2
  • Prints on A4 and A5 sized papers
  • 48 MB RAM
  • 16 x 1 LCD Control Panel
  • Windows9x/NT and MacOS Compatible
  • Mac/PC Photoshop Plug-Ins Included
  • PostScript RIPs are Optional
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