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Creo iQsmart 3 Scanner

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The iQsmart3 scanner has a true optical resolution of up to 5,500 dpi from edge to edge. Exclusive XY Stitch scanning technology ensures consistent
sharpness and resolution regardless of the original's size or where it is placed on the scanning bed.

The inverted CCD, an innovative downward-facing CCD, increases the scan
quality, reliability, and performance of the iQsmart3 scanner by virtually
eliminating a major source of image degradation: fine dust particles on the
CCD surface.

The iQsmart3 scanner is fast, delivering production-quality scans at a rate
of 85 scans an hour*, and allowing you to scan up to 96 35-mm slides
in one job. Its large scanning bed of 330 x 457 mm (13 x 18 inches) can
accommodate two A4-size films simultaneously, or one A3-size film.
Intelligent software and flexible workflow meet the most
demanding needs

oXYgen Scan software accelerates scanning production, and improves image
capture with intelligent, automated features. The scan once, output many
(SOOM) workflow captures true 16-bit digital transparency (DT) files, and
stores them at full resolution for quick repurposing, eliminating the need
to re-scan them.

With oXYgen Scan software, you can scan for all types of workflows and
output devices, including CMYK, RGB, 16-bit SOOM, and online applications.

Intuitive, easy-to-understand presets give you professional results quickly— you determine the intended use of the scan, and the software sets the parameters accordingly.

The optional oXYgen DOT Solution allows you to digitize halftone film
separations to produce sharp, crisp, professional results.

* 85 scans per hour. Benchmark: 6 x 7 cm,
250% at 300 dpi in Productive Group Scan Mode.


  • high resolution: 5,500 dpi
    optical, 10,000 dpi interpolated
  • XY Stitch scanning technology:
    consistent resolution and
    sharpness for any size original
  • inverted CCD: improved
    scanning performance
  • high scanning speed: 85 scans
    per hour*
  • spectacular color range and
    depth: true 16-bit color and
    a maximum density of 4.1
  • 16-bit SOOM workflow: save
    time by preserving scans for
  • oXYgen DOT Solution:
    professional copydot scanning
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