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FUJI F2750

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The FUJI F2750 professional desktop flat-bed scanner can digitize photographs up to 11x17" and allows up to 100 35mm slides to be scanned at one time. Featuring a twin-lens design, the scanner has optical resolutions of 762 and 2743dpi and is FireWire and SCSI II compatible. Fuji's XY Technology lets the F2750 locate an image anywhere on the scanner bed and moves the scan head directly underneath it to ensure scans from anywhere on the platen at up to 2500 percent magnification. The scanner incorporates SOON (Scan Once Output Many) features to allow repurposing of a single scan for multiple applications.

  • Large 18.5" x 13.8' platen
  • 10500 element FujiFilm Super-Linear CCD with 3.7D dynamic range
  • Twin lens design with optical resolutions of 762dpi 2743dpi
  • Moving XY scan head allows maximum quality scans from anywhere on the platen at up to 2500% magnification
  • SCSI II compatible (firewire ready)
  • Powerful ColorKit software with ICC profiling and full image editing
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