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Howtek Scanmaster D4500

The Howtek ScanMaster D4500 delivers unbeatable image quality and productivity. If you've been looking at CCD film scanners that use flatbeds or film carriers, then you should consider a PMT drum scanner. It's more accurate than flatbed scanners, and more productive than scanners that can only scan single or small batches of films. You can scan any size film or reflective up to A4, and even mix different film types and sizes in a single batch scan. The D4500 can scan positive or negative, transparency or reflectives.

  • 16,000 DPI (4,000 DPI Optical)
  • Scanner Type: Drum
  • Enlarge up to 1777% at scantime
  • 300 - 1,200 rpm Variable Drum Speed
  • 48 Bit Color
  • 4.2 Dynamic Range
  • Scans up to 11" x 11.8" Films
  • SCSI Interface
  • Supports Mac, Windows9x/NT, and Unix
  • User removable dual tungsten light source
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