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Imacon Flextight Precision I

Imacon introduced a radical new approach in their Flextight line of scanners. The Flextight I features a hybrid standup design which combines the speed of single pass CCD flatbed scanners with the precise and accurate imaging of a drum scanner. Capable of 4800 dpi true optical resolution, 48 bit color, and 3.9 Dmax, this remarkable scanner produces stunning images and delivers them to your desktop in TIFF format. The super fast SCSI interface allows quick connections to both Macs and PCs. The unique stand up design of the Flextight allows for the elimination of unnecessary distortion causing optics in the scan path, allowing a direct path from the image to the lens while the hybrid drum holds the image flat and true for scanning.

  • 3x6000 Single Pass CCD Scanner
  • Standup Hybrid Design
  • 48 bit Color
  • 4800 dpi True Optical Resolution on 35mm, 2400 dpi on Medium format films, and 1600 dpi on 4x5.
  • Handles Transparencies from 35mm to 4x5, Reflectives up to 8.5" x 12", Positives and Negatives
  • SCSI Interface
  • Mac and Windows Compatible
  • Adaptive Light Control
  • Direct to Lens Imaging
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