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Imacon Flextight Precision II

Ease of use and precision are capable with the Imacon Flextight Precision II film scanner.The Flextight's unique arrangement allows you to get the high quality imaging of a drum scanner, but enjoy the ease of use of a flatbed scanner. The vertical design of the internal mechanism results in imaging without the use of mirrors and the resulting distortion they can cause. This "direct line of sight" system eliminates the need for glass, gels, or sprays between the light source and the imaging lens. The Flextight also utilizes an adaptive light control technology, coupled with a non-reflective interior, enabling complete control over your light source and the capability to scan even your darkest images without sacrificing image quality. Imacon's patented Light Table makes sure that you have perfectly aligned images when you scan them, eliminating the need to rotate the image in software.

  • CCD Single Pass Optical Sensor (3x6000 pixels)
  • Scans Transparencies from 35mm to 4.5, Reflectives of 1mm thickness up to A4 sizes, and negatives or positives.
  • ColorFlex software for MacOS or Windows
  • Scans in 48 bit RGB and 32 bit CMYK Color
  • From 72 to 5760 dpi optical resolution
  • SCSI Interface
  • 14 Bit Color
  • Dynamic Range of 3.9 DMAX
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