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Imacon Flextight Precision III

Delivering the benefits of Imacon's Flextight technology with high speeds and cleaner scans then previous Flextight Scanners, the Flextight Precision III brings high quality scans to your desktop with blazing speeds. This scanner uses Flextight technology to give drum scanner performance with the ease and speed of flatbed scanners. By bending the film sheet, the process delivers true straight-line scans that eliminate the inaccuracies found in other scanner principles. And speaking of accuracy, you can get up to 6300 dpi scans in 42 bit true color. In a single pass, you will achieve 4.2 Dmax where the competition needs up to 13 or 14 passes to get that kind of density. With this kind of precision and accuracy, you can achieve file sizes up to 1.2 GB, but getting those files onto your PC or Mac desktop won't take long with the built in SCSI and IEEE 1394 (Firewire) support.

  • 3x8000 CCD Imager
  • 960 to 6300 dpi Optical resolutions with no Interpolation needed
  • Scan negative and positive films from 32mm to 12x17cm, and Reflex up to A4
  • 14 bit/primary in true color mode, 16 bit in TIFF file
  • Windows 2000/ME/NT and MacOS 9+ Compatible (MacOS X Coming)
  • Color, Grayscale, and Line Art scan modes
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