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Imacon Flextight Progression

With the growing demand for A3 flat bed scanners, and the desire to have sharp artifact free scans, Imacon has introduced the Flextight Progression. By combining Imacon's award winning Flextight Technology with an electrostatic flat bed scanner, Imacon has created what is inarguably one of the most versatile film scanners available. The electrostatic flatbed scanner is capable of holding your films without the need for glass plates and the messy gels and sprays they require in order to produce artifact free images. Using glass plates, you can scan large films up to A3, or batch scan a number of smaller films. For absolute precision, you can use the original Flextight process to achieve very high resolutions. Both processes use the built in 3x8000 single pass CCD imager, at color depths up to 48 bits and densities of 4.1 Dmax. On the flatbed, you can accept films up to 290 x 420 as thick as 10mm. In the Flextight holder, you can scan 35mm to 18x13cm films.

  • ColorFlex Software for Windows 9x/NT and MacOS
  • 24 and 48 bit color, 32 bit CMYK, grayscale, and line art scan modes
  • 4.1 Dmax
  • Award winning Flextight Technology
  • 5760 dpi resolution on Flextight film path, 3200 dpi on the flatbed
  • SCSI Interface
  • Horizontal Form Factor
  • Dual path scanning (Flatbed and Flextight)
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