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Kodak Professional RFS 3570

The kodak RFS 3570 film scanner is your key to increased productivity and high quality imaging. The 3570 is capable of delivering full size 18MB scans in under a minute, and 4.6MB scans in about 15 seconds. The speed of the 3570 is as good as it's ability to deliver rich color and fine detail. 36 bit color depths give you amazing gamut, color, and contrast. The 3570 can scan a number of film formats in both monochrome and color, positive or negative. All scanning functions are handled internally reducing processor overhead on your computer, and delivering fast previews often in seconds.

  • 2K x 3K Maximum Resolution
  • 18 MB Images in about a minute
  • Automatic Color Correction
  • Automatic Calibration
  • PC or Mac Compatible
  • 36 Bit Color Depth (12 bit per primary)
  • SCSI Interface
  • Scans 35mm, 46mm, 70mm, and 120 film formats
  • User selectable autofocus and image sharpening
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