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Minolta DiMage Scan Multi Pro

The Minolta DiMAGE Scan Multi Pro delivers a flexible scanning solution to the desktop. Delivering as high as 4800 dpi optical resolutions on 35mm films and 48 bit color depths, the Pro is an ideal solution for photgraphraphers. The DiMAGE Scan Multi Pro features Applied Science Fiction's Digital ICE3 technology. The easy to use software allows you to reduce grain, restore faded colors, and elminate abrasion and scratches on the source film during the scan for perfect images.

  • 4.8 Dynamic Range
  • 3-Wave Flourescent Lamp
  • Ultra SCSI & IEE1394 (Firewire) Interface
  • Windows TWAIN and Mac compatible
  • 48 bit Color
  • 35mm, APS, 6x4.5-9
  • 3 Line Color CCD
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