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Sony UY-S90

Digital imaging professionals will appreciate the technology and features that go into the UY-S90. Scan your 35mm and APS negatives, positives, and slides in-house with amazing speed and stunning resolution. Capable of scanning a 35 mm frame in 2.5 seconds, the UY-S90 can deliver stunning high resolution scans to your desktop in BMP, TIFF, or JPG format. JPG processing is done internally for increased speed and lower processor overhead. The included TWAIN software is compatible with Windows95/98/NT and MacOS 8.0 (and higher). The 3 line RGB color CCD is capable of delivering scans up to 3,326 dpi.

  • 3326 dpi Resolution
  • 3 Line RGB CCD Sensor
  • Internal JPG Processing
  • MacOS 8.0, Window9x/NT
  • Scan 35mm and APS Formats
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