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Epson 7600/9600 FAQs

What Is New About These Printers?

Epson has introduced the Light Black, making for a 7-Color printer. A CcMmYKk printer produces better midtones and highlights, and is less susceptible to metamerism than CcMmYK and CMYK inkjet printers. Next, Epson doubled the resolution of the 7000 and 9000 series to 2880 x 1440 dpi, but without sacrificing print speed. There are also 3 user exchangeable black printing modes optimized for different media types. Epson also introduced their Ultra-Chrome inks - a brand new generation of pigmented inks that rival the dye based Photographic Color Inks for gamut and D-Max while delivering archival longevity.

Do they still use DX3 Print Heads?

Epson has improved upon the MicroPiezo DX3 technology by introducting Variable Droplet sizes from 4 picoliters on up. This advance in print head technology allows you to have even greater detail in your fine art prints. Both the 7600 and 9600 have Epson's proprietary ASIC Variable Droplet Size Micro Piezo DX3 heads in their print engines.

Do These Printers Have Cutting Blades?

What Are BorderFree Prints? Epson's built in cutter automatically trims your prints at the edge safely and more accurately than manual finishing methods. Additionally, Epson's new print engines will print all the way to the very edge of the paper, delivering full bleed prints that, when trimmed, will be free of the glaring white border.

How Fast Are These Printers?

Depending on your print mode, you will see speeds from 8 square feet per hour to an impressive 192 square feet per hour. High quality photographic prints can be produced as fast as 8 square feet per hour, and production quality prints can be produced at about 87 square feet per hour. This makes the 7600 and 9600 about 2.5 times faster than their predecessors. Updated: The table below lists actual print times from Epson 9600 and 9500 on a 16x24 print.

3:00 min
4:00 min
5:45 min
7:00 min
13:00 min
23:00 min
28:00 min

What Size/Type of Media Will They Handle?

The 7600 will print up to 24" wide, and the 9600 will print up to 44" wide. Both will print on almost any media up to 1.5mm thick with accurate automatic loading of roll or cut sheet papers, canvas, and film. The user adjustable roll media spindles accept either 2" or 3" cores, and a takeup reel is available for the 9600. Epson also introduces Somerset Velvet, made from 100% radiant white cotton with a mould made surface that is acid free (available in 50 foot 3 inch cored rolls).

What Are The Benefits of Ultra-Chrome Inks?

Ultra-Chrome inks give you the archival longevity that you are used to in pigmented inks, but are also able to deliver extremely wide color gamut. Preliminary research by Wilhelm Imaging Research, Inc. shows that Ultra-Chrome Inks can deliver up to 100 years of lightfastness for color prints.

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